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Official TownyOasis Rules


Towny Oasis Official Rules

Please keep in mind that the staff get to choose the duration of your punishment and what type it is. If you feel like your punishment is unfair, please open up a ticket on the discord.


1. Cheating



Taking advantage of things that are the result of an unintended bug in the server or Minecraft itself is not allowed.

This includes taking advantage of dupes, creating lag machines, or otherwise anything that does not seem like it fits within the integrity of the game/server.

Reporting exploits to the staff will result in no punishment and potentially a reward.

Real World Trading

Exchanging anything related to or on the server for real life currency/items/services is not allowed

Modified Clients 

Modified clients that give you an advantage over other players are not allowed.

Examples of unallowed clients: x-ray, hacked clients, etc.

Allowed Mods:

  • Optifine and other performance improvement mods.

  • Armor and effect status HUD mods.

  • Minimap mods 

  • Purely aesthetic mods.


2. Behaviour


All global channels that all players can see are english-only. Please keep foreign languages in private or local chats.


Sending messages repeatedly to the chat to degrade the experience of other players is not allowed. This can include sending gibberish and other intentionally annoying messages that will disrupt the flow of chat.


Changing your nickname to impersonate other players is not allowed.

Appealing/Discussing Punishments

You must appeal punishments in the ticket channel on Discord or in our website. Messaging staff members or discussing with other players in global chat will result in your punishment being extended.


We have made some restrictions on what you are allowed to do in chat in order to keep it a friendly place for everyone. Please try to be a decent person in chat and refrain from being excessively and repeatedly toxic, trolling, disrespectful and being excessively inappropriate on the server. Killing new players or defenseless players is also not allowed.


Advertising anything that is not directly related to the server is not allowed. This includes: advertising rival servers, websites, or inappropriate websites.

 3. In-Game Behaviour


Intentionally griefing the area surrounding a town is not allowed. This means placing or destroying blocks, water and lava. You may only break crops. You are not allowed to steal items that are inside a town. 

No Bases

This is a towny server, not a factions server. Please do not build large cobble monsters or faction like bases.


Scamming of any kind is not allowed. Be honest and do not try to take advantage of others.


To maintain the look of earth on dynmap, please do not make any large changes to the natural landscape. For example, creating artificial islands, draining lakes/rivers, covering the ocean with platforms. If you’d like to flatten land for your town then that is completely fine. Map art or any big changes can be made in Antartica. Please make sure that your builds are appropriate

Inappropriate Builds

You may not build anything that could be deemed inappropriate. This includes creating pixel art of inappropriate images, inappropriate custom maps, inappropriate maps, the creation of builds that resemble inappropriate things, QR codes, etc.



You are allowed to grief unclaimed structures or terrain as long as they don’t reside near a town. Mayors do have permission to break unclaimed blocks or structures that reside near their town. Breaking ice roads or railways is not permitted in the wilderness unless the railway owner or mayor decides to remove it. Players are allowed to request admins to rollback certain areas to their original state.


Teleporting players to a specific location to kill them is not allowed. This means tp killing or creating traps is not allowed.


You are not allowed to afk for more than 30 minutes. Building afk pools or anything that prevents you from being detected as afking is prohibited. 

4. Towns and Nation Rules

Town Names
Before creating a town, please make sure that your town’s name is sensible. Town names may be changed if deemed offensive or breaking the rules.

  • Fictional Town Names are allowed but it is highly advised that town names are tied to the real life location 

  • Towns are not to be named after countries. 

  • Town Names cannot be offensive, toxic, inappropriate

  • Town Names cannot be similar to already created towns, this is to prevent confusion.

Nation Rules

Nation Names

Before creating a nation, please make sure that it applies to the rules listed before. Names may be changed by staff.

  • Nation Names must not be fictional. 

  • Nation Names cannot be named after a continent or an ocean

  • Nation Names cannot be offensive, toxic or inappropriate

  • Nations cannot have a similar name to an already established nation to the point where one could easily be confused with the other.

If your nation name does not comply with these rules you will be warned. If you choose to not comply your nation will be removed by staff without refund.


Claim Blocking 

You are not allowed to intentionally block a town from expanding. You may only claim or build near other towns if you have reached a border agreement with the existing town. Players found to be claim blocking will get their blocks revoked without refund.

If you hrave not reached an agreement with your neighbouring town, the following rules apply:

  • A town must be created 12 chunks away from the existing town

  • You may only claim up to 5 chunks close to the existing town

  • A town cannot create an outpost that is within 7 chunks  of an existing town


Claiming huge chunks of land that you are not going to use is prohibited. 


5. Other 



30 Day Rule 

If a player has not been online for 30 days, their items, their buildings, etc. are no longer considered owned and may be taken down or their items taken.

Bending the rules

Finding a way to bend the rules is also not allowed. It is up to staff members to decide whether or not you are bending the rules.

Alternative Accounts

Alt accounts are not allowed in the server. You may only use one account per player. If caught intentionally using an alt account your alt will be permanently banned and you will receive a warning. Contact staff if you would like to switch your main account.

Helping Others Break Rules

Helping other break rules will result in you receiving the same punishment. This includes encouraging them to break the rules, breaking the rules along with them, or giving them information that would directly lead to them being able to break the rules.

Mayors Kicking Residents 

Mayors are allowed to kick residents from their town for any reason. However, they must return that player's possessions if requested by the player. The resident who was kicked must be able to get their stuff back.

Sharing Personal Information

Sharing the personal information of another player without their explicit consent is not allowed. You must get their consent in writing before doing so.

Punishment Evasion

Evading your punishment through the use of other players, signs to bypass mutes, and other methods will result in your punishment being drastically increased.


6. FAQ


Where do I appeal my punishment?

Any punishment provided by staff has the chance to be appealed. To appeal, visit our discord server and create a ticket or visit our website.


How do I report players?
To report players please create a support ticket in our discord server and provide as much detail in it as possible. Please also add evidence and our staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

How do I report staff abuse?

Please contact Dy#5714 through discord and provide as much evidence as possible. Do not create a ticket.


about 1 month ago
New TownyOasis Update!

Hello Players of TownyOasis!
This announcement is about the new update that has happened in TownyOasis! Below you can find all the new features that have been added

A New Start!
After a long thought, I have decided to reset the server and make the map size bigger (From 1:2000 to 1:1000). I came to this decision mainly because of how small the map size was and due to the player activity on the server. A Server Reset means that all in-game player progression will be wiped. 

Staff Applications
As some of you have already read in the discord. The server is now open again to staff applications! If you're interested in applying go here!

New Features
Here are some of the new features that have been added in this update!

» Donator Ranks - A new server store has been added 


» 1:1000 Server Map - Server's map size has expanded from 1:2000 to 1:1000


» Jobs - Jobs plugin has been added back


» More Items in Shop - More items are being added back to the shop


» Pets! - Pets are now being implemented to the game


» Crates - New crates have been added!


» Player Warps - Player warps have been added to ease traveling


» New Server Website - Created a new server website with a forum!

This is it for me today! I hope you guys will enjoy the new map size and update! If you have any questions or concerns regarding the new update feel free to create a ticket and we can talk about it!